About Us

We are Nick, Kevin, and Molly, a group of parents in our thirties. When you have a house full of kids, running a home can use a lot of energy and send your bills through the roof.

One day, we were sitting in the park together watching our kids play. It was mid-July, and Nick was stressing about his sky-high electric bill. One thing led to another, and we decided to start this blog to help other parents and homeowners reduce their energy consumption and save money.

Whether you want to save the planet, save money, or both, we hope the tips and information on our blog will help you run a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly home.


Kevin is an engineer who is committed to helping the planet by reducing his energy consumption. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three kids. Kevin helps his company invent new energy-saving technology that reduces energy consumption in the home. When he’s not dreaming up new inventions, he enjoys cooking vegan meals, biking around the city, and spending time with his family. Kevin became interested in reducing his energy consumption after extensively researching climate change in college.


Nick lives in Portland in the same neighborhood as Kevin. They have been friends since college. He has a wife, a newborn son, and a three-year-old daughter, and he is dedicated to making his home as energy-efficient as possible. When Nick met Kevin in college at a climate change seminar, Nick decided to change his lifestyle to reduce his impact on the environment. After having kids, Nick noticed an increase in his utility bills, especially during the summer. After talking to Kevin, Nick was able to lower his energy bill. Now, he contributes to this blog to help other parents save money. In his spare time, Nick likes to read, paint, and make music.


Molly is a full-time blogger who writes about travel, family life, and climate change. She lives in Portland with her husband, two children, and many furry friends. After hearing about Nick’s problem that day in the park, she came up with the idea of starting this blog. Molly has always been passionate about saving the planet, and as a mom, she knows how important it is for families to lower their bills. She is the senior editor of this blog and is dedicated to helping other families save money and live greener lives.